The Beverly Theater Presents Cage Free Weekend Celebrating the Cinematic Prowess of Las Vegas Local – Nicolas Cage

July 23, 2023

Five of Cage's best works will be presented for free from Aug 10-12, including the unforgettable classics: "Pig," "Vampire’s Kiss," "Leaving Las Vegas," "Moonstruck," and "Con Air." As a gesture of devotion to the Vegas icon, a limited number of $0 tickets are now available and can be reserved at

"Honestly, he’s not returning our calls, so we had to think of another way to get his attention," said Kip Kelly, the visionary Founding Creative Director and CXO of The Beverly Theater. "We love all things Nicolas Cage and we’re pretty sure he’d love us too. We are a house built for Vegas and we know showcasing the brilliance of Las Vegas’ very own cinematic legend to help promote his new homegrown film is the right thing to do, regardless if Nic shows up - but tell him we saved him a seat!"

To honor the enigmatic Nicolas Cage and his extraordinary contributions to the world of film, the following films will be presented for free by The Beverly Theater:

Cage Free Weekend at The Beverly Theater

Aug. 10

  • Pig
  • Vampire’s Kiss

Aug. 11

  • Leaving Las Vegas

Aug. 12

  • Moonstruck
  • Con Air

A limited number of $0 tickets are now available at Limit of two per person, per showing.

About The Beverly Theater

Imagined by The Rogers Foundation, the 14,306 square-foot film house and concert theater features three distinct areas: the main theater, Segue (jazz terrace), and courtyard, each designed with purpose and intention. The Beverly Theater has an on-site box office, and retail/concession space. The main theater features raked seating of nearly 150 seats resting on a retractable platform, allowing for an expanded concert capacity of up to 500. Designed as a touring house, other premier concert-mode amenities include Meyer sound, meet and greet spaces, easy load-in, unobstructed sightlines, artist lounge/green room, ETC control, unmatched acoustics, and state-of-the-art connectivity and control. With an extraordinary emphasis on the film-watching experience, the 360-square-foot screen is coupled with a motorized cinema masking system and has been designed to maximize viewing angles from every seat in the house. Located on 6th Street and Bonneville in Downtown Las Vegas, The Beverly Theater is a not-for-profit venue and further underscores The Rogers Foundation’s ongoing commitment to supporting the arts.

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