Education Non-Profit CORE Continues to Grow – Promotes Melvin King to Development Manager

March 16, 2023

Dedicated to ensuring historically underserved students and their families achieve economic mobility and lead choice-filled lives, education non-profit CORE is continuing its trajectory of growth with the recent promotion of Melvin King to Development Manager and the addition of Roxanne Brown as Development Coordinator.

Recently expanding its program and service to new sites including Brinley Middle School and poised to partner with Swainston Middle School next school year, the new development team will focus on the stewardship of private and public funds, building relationships within the community, and creating sustainability for the organization to further scale its impact to better meet the ongoing need for educational equity and support.

“Melvin, Roxanne, and the entire development team are perfectlysuited to work collaboratively to focus on creating an actionable financialroadmap as CORE continues to grow and serve more Scholars and families in thecommunity,” said Executive Director Jeff Jones. “Melvin has been with CORE forseveral years and fully understands the significant impact the program has andwhat is needed to ensure long-term sustainability.”

Prior to his role as Development Manager, King initially joined CORE as a Program Manager before transitioning to a Data and Grant Manager with the education and equity-focused non-profit. Previously, King served as a Learning Specialist at Touro University and as a Case Manager for Nevada Partners Inc., where he worked in the realm of adjudicated youth and alternative education.    Prior to that, he worked as a Developmental Advising Specialist at West Virginia University (WVU) where his duties included assistance with budget analysis and creation, management of program projects, course and curriculum creation, department head meeting agendas and meeting attendance, and inter-department meeting facilitation.

A native of Pennsylvania, King is currently pursuing a Ph.D. in Organizational Leadership from Columbia International University and earned his Bachelor of Science degree in Behavioral Health from Penn State and then a master's degree in forensic science from Drexel University.

“I am looking forward to connecting with people to further ensure the ongoing success of CORE. It is a unique program that directly and positively impacts those we serve long-term,” said King. “We are committed to ensuring that under-resourced children and families can achieve a high level of success when provided with sufficient tools and opportunities. I intend to work toward growing and safeguarding those resources.

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About CORE

CORE, powered by The Rogers Foundation, believes all children and families have the right to reach their full potential and pursue individual success. With a mission to empower, enrich and educate underserved children to lead choice-filled lives, the non-profit is a long-term, two-generational after-sch weekend program that focuses on the individual needs of each student scholar and their family. For more information, follow us on Facebook, Twitter , and Instagram, or visit

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